General League Setup
Commissioner Email Address:Send Email To Commish
Commissioner Username(s):
Total Number of Divisions:7
Number of Franchises:56
Number of Roster Spots:16
Head-To-Head Matchups:Yes
Each Player can be on:1 rosters per Division
Track Player Salaries and/or Contracts:No
At the start of the season, rosters are determined by:On-line, live draft that happens all at once, taking a matter of hours to complete.
Abilities Setup
Franchise Abilities:Submit lineups
 Perform Add/Drops
 Drop players without Adding
 Propose / accept trades
 Write league articles
 Post to message board
 Post to league chat and trash-talk videos
 Create league polls
 Customize franchise
 Customize home page
 Participate in survivor pool
 Participate in NFL pool
Commissioner Lockout:No, the commissioner still has the ability to view pending owner-initiated transactions.
Standings Setup
Standings Sort Criteria #1: Overall Winning Percentage
Standings Sort Criteria #2: Total Points Scored
Division/Conference Setup
Divisions: New England Phoenix, Great Lakes Hydras, South Atlantic Dragons, Southwest Scorpions (R), Southwest Scorpions (T), Central Nightmares, PAC South Wild Boars
Accounting Setup
General Scoring Setup
Calculate Fantasy Results From:Week 1 through Week 17
Number of Decimal Places For League Scoring:2
Ties Are:Counted as ties
Starting Lineup Setup
Total Starters:10
Number of Starting QBs:2
Number of Starting RBs:1-3
Number of Starting WRs:2-4
Number of Starting TEs:1-2
Number of Starting PKs:1
Number of Starting Defs:1
Lineup Submission Deadline:Players Are Locked At Kickoff Of Their Game
Are Partial Lineups Allowed?NO
Hide starting lineups from all owners until:Never hide starters.
Should owners be allowed to submit players on bye as starters?Yes
Roster Position Limits Setup
Other League Settings
Display NFL Player Injury Status?Yes
Display Top Performers/Player Stats Report?Yes
Display Rosters Report?Yes
Display NFL Opponent's Passing/Rushing Rank On Submit Lineup Page?Yes
Display NFL Bye Weeks/NFL Schedule?Yes
Display NFL News Articles?
Display NFL Free Agents on Fantasy Free Agent Lists?No
Display NFL Rookies With (R) Next To Name?No
Time Zone:ET
Display "Drafted" Column on Rosters Report?No
Are league reports private (Not accessible to guests)?No
Is league home page private (Not accessible to guests)?No
Draft Setup
Draft Pick Time Limit Turned: On and set to 0:02.5 hours
Add/Drop and Waivers Setup
Add/Drop System:Waiver Requests For Locked Players, First Come/First Serve For Rest
Waiver Wire Sort Criteria #1: Overall Winning Percentage
Waiver Wire Sort Criteria #2: Total Points Scored
Current Waiver Order:
New England Phoenix
1Fire Celtic
4#19 Roses
5#1 Werebears
6Pink Flamingos
7Celtic Warriors
Great Lakes Hydras
4Creek Browns
5#5 Cubs
8#9 Detroit Muscle
South Atlantic Dragons
2#12 Black Sunday
4#7 Bourbon Boys
6#14 Pirates
7Rum Runners
Southwest Scorpions (R)
1Flyin' Hawaiians
3#4 Bucks 'N Does
5#20 Assassins
6LuLaRoe Legends
8#3 Nightbreed
Southwest Scorpions (T)
1#2 Vols
3Snow Lions
4Today Was a Good Day
5The Lady Recasts
6#13 The Recasts
7Feelin' Froggy
8#18 Warriors
Central Nightmares
1Jersey Bad Asses
2Ginger Snaps
4#10 Red Kings
5#6 Wildcats
6#11 Belly Full of Cake
8#17 Underdogs
PAC South Wild Boars
1Show Me Your TDs
2#8 6ix 9ine
4Sod Poodles
5Rough Riders
6Hip Hop Anonymous
7#15 Maniax
8#16 Dinos
Waivers Processed Automatically:Yes
Waivers Are Processed On:
Check the League Calendar for additional waiver events.
Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat at 1 AM ET
Maximum Number of Waiver Rounds:8
Dropped Players are Locked Until:The first waivers run after 1 days
Prevent Owners From Making ANY Add/Drops Between Kickoff of that player's game and the end of the last game of the week?Yes
Once a player is acquired, he cannot be dropped for this many days:0
Trades Setup
When An Owner Accepts A Trade: The trade is subject to a league-wide vote for 2 days.
Votes Necessary To Automatically Reject Trade:N/A
Trade Poll Results Are Completely Hidden?No
Show Individual Votes In Trade Poll?Yes
Is Poll Voting Required?No
Display Trade Comments To All Owners?No
Allow Trades That Would Create Invalid Rosters To Go Through?No
When A Trade Causes An Invalid Roster, Allow Owner To Submit Lineup?Yes
Default Number Of Days For A Trade Proposal To Be Valid For:7
Prevent Owners From Accepting Trades Between Kickoff of that player's game and the end of the last game of the week?Yes
Additional League Rules Setup